Most Common Maritime Accidents That Happen on Cruise Ships

Written by: Roy Boujaoude

Taking a cruise can be an extremely great way to rest and relax. However, cruise ships are also a common place for people to sustain a personal injury from a maritime accident. Maritime accidents are classified as any sort of accident that happens while at sea, even if the boat is docked at the time.

Sustaining an injury or suffering an illness while aboard a cruise ship can present unique challenges for ensuring that you get the care that you need and that it doesn’t have a lasting effect on your finances. Cruise ships offer in-house fun and the ability to go from activity to activity without ever driving to a new venue.

Within many cruise ships, there are theaters, restaurants, pools, shopping malls and even rock-climbing walls. While it sounds like tons of fun, and it can be, it also presents many hazards as well. If you’ve suffered a maritime accident, be sure to find a maritime attorney in Houston, Texas.

Common maritime accidents

Here are the most common ways that people suffer injuries while aboard a cruise ship.

  • Slip and fall: Vacation goers are just so happy to be on the ship and relaxing on vacation. But there can be many hazards on cruise ships, such as luggage that the bell boy has left in the hallway, a water spill in the cafeteria or defects in the stairs.
  • Assault: With so many people in close quarters on a cruise ship, sometimes things get heated. This leads to crew members or other passengers assaulting an individual. Assault can come in the form of physical assault, sexual assault or verbal assault. Regardless of the form of assault, it can have lasting effects on the victim’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Food poisoning: Passengers on a cruise rely on all their food to be provided for them. When crew members handle food improperly it can lead to food poisoning or the spread of illnesses.
  • Drowning: Drowning can occur on a cruise ship within swimming pools, when the ship takes on water or if a person goes overboard.
  • Swimming pool accidents: At the swimming pool, cruise ship vacationers can slip and fall on the pool deck, get injured on pool steps or drown.
  • Fire: When a fire breaks out on a cruise ship, patrons can suffer burns, scars and disfigurement. Fires also pose a risk to the integrity of the boat, meaning people can drown or be otherwise harmed.
  • Elevator accidents: It is crucial that crew members maintain elevators on cruise ships. When elevators are not properly maintained, it can lead to severe malfunctions and injuries.
  • Sponsored excursions or other recreational activities: Crew members on cruise ships are tasked with ensuring that patrons have a good time. This means regular activities, which can open the door to dangerous situations where people get injured.

Why you need a Houston, Texas, maritime accident attorney

Maritime law is separate from other laws. When you’re injured at sea, it falls under maritime jurisdiction and has different laws and regulations around it. Make sure that your maritime accident doesn’t alter your life forever. Hire a Houston, Texas, maritime accident attorney to defend your case.

The Law Office Of Roy A. Boujaoude is a premier choice for your maritime accident defense. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our services and discuss your case.

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