Meet The Houston, Texas, Personal Injury Law Firm That Gets Results

Written by: Roy Boujaoude

Dealing with injuries that you are not at fault for is frustrating. It would be best if you had a Houston, Texas, personal injury law firm that gets you results. The Law Office of Roy Boujaoude will help you get back on your feet after trouble strikes.

Since 2005, Roy has devoted his legal career to ensuring that Texans get the legal representation they deserve after suffering a personal injury. Because he is so passionate about personal injury claims, he handles each one himself. You can feel good knowing that when you work with The Law Office of Roy Boujaoude, you’ll be working directly with Roy.

The sad reality is that personal injury incidents can leave you in a bad place financially. These incidents can also steal your good health and even your job in some circumstances.

Houston, Texas, personal injury law firm specialties

Roy covers a wide range of personal injury types. From an auto or truck accident to maritime accidents, The Law Office of Roy Boujaoude is your resource for personal injury claims.

Our clients call us “very aggressive” in getting results. Our passion is ensuring that you get back to your way of life after tragedy strikes. We won’t settle until you’re comfortable with the settlement figures. As your relentless legal representation, we’ll make sure that you get back on your feet with speedy medical care and vehicle repair.

Roy is more than just an attorney; he’s an advocate for you when you desperately need one. Following a slip and fall case, we help you collect crucial information related to the accident and the accident scene.

How to choose a personal injury attorney

Experiencing a personal injury is not something you expect or plan on, which means you’ve probably never thought about how you would find an attorney. Here are some key things to think about as you seek a Houston, Texas, personal injury attorney.

  1. Learn more about their fees. At The Law Office of Roy Boujaoude, we don’t collect a penny unless we win your case. So if you don’t get a settlement, you don’t have to pay us anything, meaning it’s risk-free to work with us.
  2. Find an attorney with experience. You don’t want an attorney who is straight out of law school with little experience. Choose someone who knows your local area well and is well established. The Law Office of Roy Boujaoude has been in the Houston, Texas, community for nearly 15 years.
  3. Ask about previous cases. Before you choose your personal injury attorney, ask them about their previous experience. Learn more about what types of cases they have covered. All personal injury cases are not the same. An auto accident is different from a slip and fall, so you want to be sure you’re hiring an attorney with the right background.
  4. Schedule a free consultation. During a consultation, the attorney can share more details about their methodology and what you can expect from your case. A free consultation is an obligation-free opportunity to review your case details.

If you’re looking for a top-rated personal injury attorney in Houston, TX, email us or call us today for a free consultation.

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