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Representing Individuals and Corporations in Civil and Commercial Litigation

When disputes arise between individuals or corporate entities, it is generally in both parties best interest to retain legal representation. Civil and commercial litigation is a unique area of the law that requires a particular set of skills. In order to settle a dispute, you may be required to go through arbitration and mediation or take your case to trial.

It is imperative that you hire an attorney who understands the complex nature of civil and commercial litigation. You not only need a trained negotiation, but you also want an experienced trial attorney. Houston Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyer Roy Boujaoude understands the complicated nature of this kind of law. He will fight hard to protect your rights, your assets, and your future.

Civil Litigation in Houston

While civil and commercial litigation are often used synonymously, they are two distinct areas of law. Civil litigation generally involves a dispute between two individuals. This may include disputes regarding intellectual property, landlord/tenants, real property, and employer discrimination.

Commercial Litigation in Houston

Commercial litigation, on the other hand, typically involves disputes between businesses or commerce. Commercial litigation covers a number of different types of law including but not limited to:

Antitrust litigation


Consumer Class Action


Breach of Contract


Disputes between partners


Unfair Business Practices

Legal Representation

Civil and commercial litigation generally requires a thorough independent investigation of the facts. This may be done through written interrogatories or depositions of witnesses and parties as well as the subpoenaing of documents, photos, and videos related to the case. If you are involved in a dispute between another individual or a corporation, you need legal representation you can count on.

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